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About Divs Technology

We’re a small team focused on solving one of the problems we know will rise in the next couple of years. As one of our founders is a medical doctor (neurologist) we have witnessed first handedly the issues neurologists, and their patients, encounter before and during therapy - most notably in late detection of the disease and available time-per-patient by medical doctors in general (MD).

Our goal is to provide a screening mechanism for early detection of neurodegenerative disorders and certain neuropathy diseases (e.g. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy CIDP).

We are using non-invasive HW (wearable sensors), combined with a set of exercises, led by technician or self testing (instead of MD) - combining expert domain knowledge with mathematics, signal processing, statistical analysis and machine learning - we are able to identify if a patient has some neurologic disorder.

We are able to operate on custom HW and 3P HW also. The screening exam is aimed to be narrowed down - from currently 20 min to 5-10 min, so that it can be efficiently used as single or as addition to other screening/diagnostic methods such as biomarkers, MRIs, EMNGs.


The team behind Divs Technology is the team of experts - capable and committed to solving first class problems. The team has two professors and one teaching assistant from Medical Faculty University of Belgrade. Two neurologists clinicians, 3 ongoing PhD candidates in total - medicine, biomedicine and applied mathematics. Former Amazon and Qualcomm engineers and other advisory experts that excels in corresponding areas.


Divs Technology

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