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DDNA - Device for Diabetic Neuropathy Assessment

Mobile application

Diabetes companion mobile app with ability to perform self-test at home for assessing neurological impairment caused by Diabetes Mellitus type 1 and 2

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Healthcare facilities

Determining neurological impairment score. Detecting Diabetic Neuropathy in less than 10 minutes.

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Research facilities

Rich graphic and AI analysis of human movement for researchers. Software to easily perform complex analysis of movement.

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Mobile application

We are bringing medical garde SW and HW to the comfort of your home.
Divs provides two variants of how you can track and asses neurological score at home with accent on Diabetic Neuropathy at the moment.
We present you two apps that are coming soon to the market: companion application and central home-self-testing neuro device.


Divs DDNA Companion

iOS and Android diabetes companion apps that provide full medical-grade self-test for determining Diabetic Neuropathy score

Easy to perform to assess neurological conditions. Can be setup with multiple profiles on one account.

- Perform quick screenings for Diabetic Neuropathy
- Export for MDs and review trend of neurological impairment
- Track activity level
- Track glycemic level, medication intake, food intake...
- Get personalized tips and advices regarding maintaining healthy life with diabetes

Divs DDNA Voice

Fully voice controlled experience. Self test for neurological impairment in comfort of your home using only voice

We are integrated with Amazon Alexa™ in order to offer the best voice user experience.

Conduct Medical Grade screening test for neurological impairment with accent on Diabetic Neuropathy only by using voice commands.

Very well suited for older people and/or family sharing screening kit.


Healthcare facility screening device

Promising results when compared to EMNG (golden standard)
Sn = 0.874 Sp = 0.945
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Divs DDNA Clinic

Detection and tracking of Diabetic Neuropathy

With Divs Technology we are able to provide fast and reliable wearable sensors and SW for detecting and tracking Diabetic Neuropathy with minimal guidance from technicians.

Results are comparable to EMNG where Divs DDNA Clinic takes less than 10 minutes and cause no discomfort for patients.

Patient point of view:
+ Fast, reliable and painless
+ Telemedicine compatible
+ 100% of patients preferred Divs DDNA Clinic over EMNG
+ 100% of patients says Divs DDNA Clinic was pleasant and lasted as they expected
+ 100% of patients have no fear of Divs DDNA Clinic

Clinic point of view:
* No MD required
* Less square foot required
* 10x higher patient throughput than EMNG
* Fast and reliable
* Telemedicine compatible
* In a process of acquiring FDA clearance for SaMD


Research analysis tools - FPS (feature processing service)

If you are working in fields of researching movement and posture, contact us as we are able to offer development kit with rich analytics.

We go far from visualising movement in time and space. We are offering custom creation of data processing pipelines with drag 'n' drop ability to perform initial ML feature exploration with minimal to none AI/ML knowledge required.

Contact us to schedule a demo at info@divstechnology.com

About Us

The team behind Divs Technology is the team of experts - capable and committed to solving first class problems.

Contact us either for cooperation or just to say "Hi" info@divstechnology.com

Vladimir Jeftovic - CEO
Srdjan Misic - CTO
Nikola Suljagic - Head of Data Engineering
PhD MD Ivan Soldatovic - biomedicine statistics, clinical trials
MD Irena Jeftovic Velkova - clinical neurologist, domain expert